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Prices are based in United States Dollar (USD), payable in cryptocurrency.
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Mobile Phone Viewing Hacking (RV) and Cloning

Encrypted Social Media Hacking

  • WhatsApp messenger logs: $500 + possible 2FA
  • Signal Messenger logs: $500 + possible 2FA
  • Telegram account access: $500 + possible 2FA

SMTP & FTP Hacking

  • Gmail account access : $400 + possible 2FA
  • Yahoo account access: $250
  • MSN account access: $250
  • Yandex Account Hacking: $150 + possible 2FA
  • Random SMTP Hacking: $150+
  • FTP Account Hacking: $150+
  • DDoS Attacks: $150/24hr

Custom made premium Viruses & Malware

Social Media Hacking or Reset + possible 2FA

  • FaceBook account password: $400
  • Pinterest account password: $300
  • SnapChat account password: $225
  • Twitter account password: $350
  • YouTube account access: $400
  • LinkedIn account password: $300
  • WeChat account access password: $350
  • Instagram account password: $400

Miscellaneous Hacks and Services

  • US/Canada Credit Report Editing: $1500
  • Education facilities transcripts & grades editing: $1000+
  • PC / Laptop Remote Hacking/Destruction: $500
  • MAC Desktop/Laptop Remote Hacking/Destruction: $750
  • Linux Desktop/Laptop Remote Hacking/Destruction: $1000
  • Server Remote Hacking/Destruction: $500+
  • Identity Trace (real identity from Internet identity): $300
  • Revenge Attacks (Pain is proportionate to cost): $200 – ∞
  • Company / Corporate Attacks: $500 – ∞
  • Clean criminal records: $500 – ∞
  • Recover stolen funds from scammers: $500 – ∞
  • Negative link removal from google: $350+
  • Person Tracking: $360

Two-Factor Authentication Bypass (2FA)

It is just a small list of what we can do. If you need something from here or something extra/special you always can write us and we will make your goals come true.

•Remote Viewing (RV) is a passive Internet-based access to a mobile device whereby you can passively view the device’s activities in real-time. You cannot intervene or control the device but you can see and record everything visible on the screen at that moment.

•SIM Swapping is the process of cloning a phone at the cell phone provider level. All calls and SMS messages are rerouted to a separate device that we control. The cloned device has the ability to read and send telephone calls and SMS messages.

•Authenticator Bypass Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something. 2FA can be used to strengthen the security of an application or a smart-phone. We have specialists that can bypass several types of 2FA.

•Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) We physically need the device for at least 7 days and it must have the A700X microchip. The plastic casing will be destroyed.

•Custom made premium Viruses & Malware All our viruses and malware are custom-made to your needs and build to your specifications. They will be pre-tested to be compatible with your system and hardware. At no extra cost, we can bundle them as a trojan into any other software